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20150915_port_douglas_034“After a short yoghurt breakfast we walk from Meridian to the Reef Marina Port Douglas. Today we have an appointment with a friend of AussieTours, named Steve, the owner of Sailaway. A striking figure is told. And when we arrive in the marina there is perched a whole film crew. At first we thought it was all about Steve is running, but it soon becomes apparent that they are here in a TV series on ABC, The Code, filming his.

With a take-away coffee in hand we see the movie action until a good-humored man with a fluorescent pink clownvismuts is dismounting. Steve so! The cap is the mascot of his business and he asks Johan to also take the honor upon himself to wear this headgear themselves for the sailing trip. To the amusement of Bo and the other tourists … :-))))))

Today we have achieved a relaxing sailing tour to the Low Isles with one of the two luxury catamarans sister of Sailaway.

The Low Isles Group consists of Low Island, an atoll, and Woody Island, a mangrove island. A unique and any combination in the GBR which “a low wooded island ‘as a specific name inherits. They are a short 25km north-east of Port Douglas in Trinity Bay.

With the sun on your face and the wind in our sails, we head for the Coral Sea. There is coffee and cake to make us all feel at home.

20150915_port_douglas_073All snorkel comfortable on board, and distributed to those who do not have their own gear. Not much later we see the two islands gradually emerge on the horizon. The small lighthouse with red roof on Low Isles is already distinguishable from afar.

The Sailaway IV docks in the sheltered blue lagoon at Low Isles, and we get ready to go with the glass-bottom boat ashore. Along the way, we already get some fish and coral to see through the windows of the boat while the captain gives some explanation here and there.

Once on the beach is the ‘Island Time’! Low Isles is an idyllic paradise island of less than 55 acres. A group of volunteer ‘caretakers’ staying on the island to maintain and they do a fine job, because everything there is very cared for and there are even wooden benches and umbrellas on the beach to get your stuff back.

While Bo opted for exploring the island, Johan goes with the rest of the group on a guided snorkel tour.

Walking around the island does not amount to much, but there is so much going on. Bo has the immediate feeling that there is a lot of wildlife. The crystal clear waters teeming with sea turtles emerge alternately for air.

Furthermore, the island is clearly a good breeding and nesting place for many birds. Unfortunately we did not bring our telephoto lens, but we already distinguish white-breasted wood swallows, white bellied sea eagles, ruddy turnstones, crested terns, reef egrets and a whole gang pied imperial pigeons and bridled terns. And then some Australian pelicans were almost forgotten. 😉

Additionally, you can see the bright white lighthouse with red top face in 1878. The lighthouse was manned until 1993 (!). Furthermore, weather data also kept since 1887. Also nice to know that here at Low Isles in 1928 the first detailed scientific study of the world’s coral reef has occurred. This study is today still relevant and still lies at the basis of many theories about the coral reef.

And then you also have the reef around Low Isles, where according to the directories more than 150 species of hard coral and more than 15 species of soft corals can be found.


Between this coral can be found in the blue lagoon a large variety of reef fish. But what was particularly noticed the abundance of ‘green’ and ‘hawksbill’ sea turtles. After 15 we stopped counting.

At every 5 meters you snorkeled could you walk a turtle bump. So much we have never been on such a small place known to each other. Too bad the visibility in the water gradually subsided with the rising wind.

Eventually the time goes too fast here, and it’s time to leave. We load all our stuff in the glass-bottom boat and swim but himself back to the catamaran, where we enjoy a sumptuous buffet lunch.Demonstrates just in time, because a little later the sky turns completely dark and it starts to rain.

We seek shelter in the spacious interior of the catamaran, while the skipper again heads off to Port Douglas. Fortunately, the rain was short-lived. The rest of the trip is spent lounging on the deck (or sleeping in the living room) while the wind propels us.

And before we realize we again sail into the marina of Port Douglas.

We have the opportunity to go along on ‘Sunset Sailing’, but we love it a day for today. We are gritty and covered in salt and look forward to a hot shower in our studio.

Again beckons the “Cane Toad race ‘in the Iron Bar … but for the second time, we prefer the comfort of a real bed. ;-)”