Six Degrees of Separation: Steve & Katrina Edmondson

Sailaway Owner/Operators Steve & Katrina Edmondson

Port Douglas Snorkelling… Port Douglas Power Couple Katrina and Steve Edmondson grew up in a perpetual six-degrees of separation from each other, yet it took them nearly two decades to meet. Once they did, there was no stopping them from achieving their dreams. The result is a thriving company featuring Port Douglas’ most beloved yacht, Sailaway, and a business that continues to grow.

Steve and Katrina are very hands-on, so much so that Steve actually skippers the beautiful Sailaway at least twice a week. Aside from the most beautiful sailboat in Port Douglas, the couple also have the management contract for Poseidon, the reputable reef-dive adventure boat, which just happens to be owned by Katrina’s family.

The couple have 2 young children, Guy & Jazmin and they reside permanently in Port Douglas. Their business name pretty much sums up the couple’s intention. “It means the finest and the best, with all things considered.”

Like their motto, it appears that Katrina and Steve have the best of everything at their fingertips.

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