Memories of the reef are all in the bag.

While Douglas Shire gets stuck into Plastic Free July, local business owner Steve Edmondson of Sailaway has been running his own campaign on environmental issues. Beginning this month, all guests with Sailaway have been given a locally sourced calico bag, which is reusable and washable.

The bags, adorned with a design created by Low Isles caretaker Jenni Fox are part of a bigger picture push by Mr Edmondson and Sailaway to increase awareness of the reef.

“It’s a small thing – our visitors are our most important environmental ambassadors,” said Mr Edmondson. Over 500 bags have already been given away in the few weeks since they were introduced as a complimentary part of travelling with Sailaway.

“We ask if they would like a bag and would be interested to reuse when home to strengthen our environmental message with our Sailaway guests participation.” Mr Edmondson explained that as an environmentally conscious operator, giving away reusable bags helped Sailaway’s environmental credentials, and helped tourists do their bit for the environment while taking home good memories.

The team at Sailaway also send former guests a present in the form of a Low Isles recipe book to anywhere in the world, if they send them a photo of the reusable bag in use in an interesting location – interstate and internationally.

Mr Edmondson said it was a great way to take home memories, and stay aware of the Reef, “rather than a stubbie holder and a hat.”