Coral Nurture Program

Sailaway’s Progress

By utilising tourism vessel infrastructure, plus the knowledge, experience and skills of tourism industry personnel, interventions at tourism sites to either help recovery from an impact, or help adaptation to climate change, can be targeted to the exact need at each site, and be undertaken far more cheaply and efficiently than alternative options. In addition, tour operators are uniquely placed to share knowledge with the 1000s of visitors visiting the Great Barrier Reef each day, enhancing the capacity for increasing public awareness in the activities occurring to aid the GBR.

Owners Steve and Katrina Edmondson are actively involved in this program and as Team Champions they lead their crew of divers and marine biologists to out-plant and monitor the progress at our sites. This project is shared with our Sailaway guests who have an opportunity to snorkel over the coral frames and learn about this initiative during the guided snorkel tours and reef presentations.

Below is our out-planting and monitoring table along with images of our team in action and examples of the tiny coral fragments on the frames and being clipped onto the reef. We enjoy seeing these beautiful corals grow and enhance our snorkel sites.

Blue Staghorn


Reef & Mooring


Outplanting Coral Clips


22 August 2019

Low Isles - GM0164

Installed Frame #1: No coral fragments

Surveyed 3x 30m Benthic Transic

23 August 2019

Mackay Cay - GM0002

Installed Frame #1: 20 coral fragments

Surveyed 3x 30m Benthic Transic

1 September 2019

Mackay Cay - GM0002

Frame #1: 80 coral fragments

40 coral clips

Plate corals Acropora staghorn

6 September 2019

Mackay Cay - GM0002

Installed Frame #2: 50 coral fragments

Installed Frame #3: 50 coral fragments

Installed Frame #4: 50 coral fragments

100 coral clips

Plate and Staghorn

14 November 2019

Mackay Cay - GM0002

166 coral clips

Acropora, Millepoa, Porites, Montipora, Enchinopora

31 January 2020

Mackay Cay - GM0002

300 coral clips

Seriatopora, branching & bushy acropora

Tenuous, intermedium, millipora, muricarter

1 March 2020

Low Isles - GM0057

Frame #1: 50 coral fragments

Installed Frame #2: 50 coral fragments

Installed Frame #3: 50 coral fragments

Acropora branching and bushy

Stylophora, Pocillopora, letter coral

1 March 2020

Low Isles - GM0057

105 coral clips

Collected opportunity corals in area of frames

Acropora bushy and branching, Echinopora – witches fingers, Plating – Echinopora

26 May 2020

Mackay Cay - GM0002

480 coral clips

Collected opportunity coral from the wall on Mackay reef. Primarily branching and bushy Acropora. Palifera. Millepora, Nobilis

13 June 2020

Mackay Cay - GM0002

400 coral clips

Collect opportunity coral. Primarily Acropora branching and bushy, Seriatopora, Enchinopora and Turinaria.

17 July 2020

Mackay Cay – GM0002

50 Coral Clips

Collect opportunity coral. Out-planted one small bommie with Acropora branching and bushy. Echinopora. And experimenting with first fragments of Merulina – seabruicula.

12 August 2020

Mackay Cay – GM0002

Installed 5 x Frames:  #5, #6, #7, #8, #9
Clipped 50 coral fragments on each frame = 250 fragments.

Seriatopora – branching, Pocillopora – branching Eydouxi, Acropora, Echinopora, whip coral attached to Acropora, scapophyllia, Ispora.

26 august 2020

Mackay Cay – GM0002

Completed putting coral fragments on #9 frame

150 Coral Clips

Branching and bushy Acropora, staghorn. scapophyllia, Ispora.


9 X Frames - 6500 coral fragments

1791 coral clips

We invite you to view our progress of Sailaway’s Coral Nurture Program. Click on the dates to see images of the activities performed and the success of the coral growth.

Sailaway’s Environmental Initiatives

We proudly dedicate our time and resources to ensuring the future of the Great Barrier Reef through various programs and initiatives. These are some of the other projects we work on.

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The Coral Cays are pure white sand surrounded by a large fringing reef system and crystal clear water.

Sailaway is the only operator from Port Douglas who has access to visit Mackay Coral Cays. This exclusivity means we have the area to ourselves to explore without restrictions.

Low Isles

Low Isles is an idyllic Coral Cay island. The reef around Low Isles comprises 150 species of hard corals and is dominated by 15 species of soft corals.

Guests of Sailaway have the opportunity to snorkel in the lagoon of the island with our marine biologist, offering an interesting and informative tour.

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Enjoy the thrill of pure sailing. A must do when visiting Port Douglas is to relax with an exhilarating cruise on board this first class sailing catamaran.

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